The omni-channel restaurant POS built for
delivery, payroll and so much more.

Reduce ticket times and turn more tables when your FOH and BOH are integrated into a single, easy-to-use system. You’ll enjoy higher margins, happier employees and consistently satisfied guests. It’s a win-win-win.


Complete Solution

POS, KDS, Online, Delivery, Mobile ... all on one powerful platform. It's all gravy. baby


Efficiency & Automation

From onboarding employees to automated payroll and time tracking, Gravy is designed to make everything in your restaurant more efficient for you, your staff and your guests.


Data & Insights

Customer data, sales reports, labor costs and more. All the data about your business together in one place makes it a breeze to access deep, meaningful insights.


Ordering & Menu Integration

Manage orders placed in-store, online and from third party apps. Make edits to your menu in Gravy and they sync across your other sales channels too. Automatically.

Group 2637

Old recipes are great. Old technology? Not so much.

Group 2637

Gravy is a revolutionary point of sale and kitchen display system that was built to handle the needs of modern restaurants and kitchens. With capabilities including seamless delivery integration, automated payroll and employee onboarding, Gravy is the secret sauce for streamlining your operations.

Control everything from one place.


Whether you’re running a food truck, a bustling pizzeria or multiple ghost kitchens, Gravy has everything you need for FOH, BOH and management. That’s the beauty of a modern POS designed specifically for restaurant and food operations.


Happier staff means happier guests.


When your employees aren’t battling with archaic software, they’re free to focus on their real work. Their day becomes more enjoyable, so they deliver a better experience to your guests, which brings those guests back again and again. Everyone is happy.

Best of all?
No monthly fees. No set-up costs.

What are you waiting for?
Get yourself some Gravy.